about me

Lukasz Faltynowicz

P H Y S I O T H E R A P I S T 


I am a physiotherapist and a graduate of the Gdansk School of Health. My passion for physiotherapy began with martial arts. At the age of 7, my dad took me to my first Judo training, and I trained continuously for 13 years, achieving a black belt.


I was impressed with what the human body is capable of and how it responds to various stimuli. I regularly attend courses that widen my knowledge and skills. Physiotherapy has become my life and I can't imagine doing anything else. I feel like developing all the time.


I always act at 100% and I hope this will be a new and fruitful journey in which you will participate with me. In my practice, I work with FRSc, FDM, visceral and craniosacral methods, techniques focused on working with fascia, neuromuscular techniques, deep tissue massage,  pinotherapy and dry needling.


I deal with patients with acute and chronic pain, injuries of the musculoskeletal system, edema and inflammation, headaches, stress-related problems, scar therapy and work with people doing sports - professionally and recreationally.